At Fellowship Bible Church we're working to be a church the leads people to be followers of Jesus that are growing in their love for God, their love for people here and around the world, and that are joining Jesus in His mission to show God's grace and compassion to everyone.


From the worship service to small groups we aspire to be a place where you can connect with God, with a community of people who offer friendship, and where you can become the person God would have you become.

Student Ministry

Seeking to be a gathering of friends following Jesus into the world, our overall aim in Student Ministries is to help all students become fully developed followers of Christ. Our vision is to see students grow to their full potential in a biblically functioning community that fosters Christian development.

Adult Ministry

Adult Ministries at Fellowship are committed to helping men, women and families at every stage of life. It is our desire to see people increase in knowledge of God's Word and build biblical life values, and to develop growing relationships with God and with people.


It is also our desire to facilitate growth through the exploration and discovery of gifts and passions such that all make a meaningful contribution to families, the church, and the community.

Children's Ministry

Children are a high priority at Fellowship Bible Church. We strive to guide children towards being a disciple of God by providing opportunities to get to know who God is, building a foundation for their faith to grow, and allowing them opportunities to build lasting relationships. We lead children in following Christ by partnering with their parents, teaching them God's Word, and nurturing them to grow in their love for God and His people. Our ambition is to carry out this purpose throughout all our ministries with excellence.

Fellowship Bible Church

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