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Mike is a graduate of Trinity University (BA in Education). He is an alumnus of Dallas Theological Seminary majoring in Christian Education/Adult Education.


Mike began ministry here by overseeing our adult discipleship and education ministries including children's ministries, small groups, men's and women's ministries, retreats and camps, Sunday morning ABFs, and our facilities.


He has been on staff since June 1993 and became Senior Pastor in April 2017.


He and his wife Cindy, live in Alvin, and have three adult children.


Joe Kolb currently serves as Elder Chair and has served Fellowship as an Elder off and on since the mid ‘90s. He has served as a teacher, in worship, a leader in various men’s ministries and assisted with building care and maintenance. Joe loves the outdoors and sharing God’s stunningly beautiful and complex creation.


Joe lives and shares a passionate desire to see God’s people at Fellowship grow in spiritual health, loving the Lord and one another and engaging the world around us. He desires to see each member of our body be used by Jesus to contribute to the growth of this body. 


Richard Price has served as an elder at FBC for 26 years beginning in 1991, several of those years as Board Chairman, currently as Vice Chairman. He teaches a Sunday morning adult Bible class; Anne, his wife, co-leads a Wednesday night Bible study.

Richard and Anne moved to Friendswood and joined FBC in 1990, raising their 4 children here (parents of 5 children and 12 grandchildren). They both worked with Cru’s Campus Ministry until 1990. Richard thereafter worked in the non-profit sector (international adoptions) and Anne in public education (elementary school) before retiring in recent years.

His desire is that we truthfully represent the life and teaching of Christ as we seek to live “in the world, not of the world, yet for the world,” with a concern for people who lack financial and social resources.


Robert has served as an Elder since 2016 and has also served at in Student Ministry, on the Worship Team, in Children’s Ministry, and by leading a weeknight small group. He has a passion for seeing others grow in their walk with the Lord and finding their place in the church community.


Robert finds great blessing in seeing the students he’s worked with grow and develop in their own discipleship, and in their leading others in growth as well. 


Dan and his wife Madelin have been attending Fellowship Bible Church since 2002. They have four girls.  He is a Chemical Engineer by training and has been working as an Electrical Engineer in Aerospace for twenty years.  Dan has been serving as an elder at Fellowship for two years.  He also serves as a teacher in our children's ministry, adult ABFs, and leads a small group.

Dan's passion is to encourage Christians to live out what they believe. His hope that is that Fellowship would continue to love each other more and more.


Kevin has been attending Fellowship Bible Church for over 20 years and has been an elder for over 10 years.  His real passion for ministry is for the next generation of believers, more specifically, college-aged singles who have graduated and are moving out into the world – whether that is attending college or starting a career.  Kevin has served in college-aged singles in The Bridge for over 15 years.  He desires to see young adult learn who they are in Jesus Christ and start/continue that lifelong journey of being a disciple as they transition out on their own.  Additionally, he enjoys teaching in our children's ministry on Sunday mornings, serving 2–5-year-olds in Wee Worship.


Kevin finds great joy in watching the young children learn to sing worship songs and begin to have some small understanding of who our Heavenly Father is.

Jonathan Price

Jonathan has grown up at Fellowship. He has served as an elder for two years.

More to come.

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