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Fellowship Bible Church is a family of families growing together to glorify God. We are a church helping each other grow in our relationships with God and each other. It is our desire to make disciples by helping people love God, love other people everywhere and to join Jesus on His mission. At Fellowship you will see and hear our purpose and vision expressed in a variety of ways and in all of our ministries.


Our purpose comes first – to glorify God by making disciples!

Leading People to Love God

At Fellowship we enjoy age-appropriate worship services for children, teens and adults. Whether you are a pre-schooler in Wee Worship or a seasoned adult the goal of our worship times are to connect you with God in a healthy and growing relationship. Our relationship with God is the foundation for everything else in life, and helps us to see and live life in response to the great love He has shown us. In worship we learn to love Him as we grow in our understanding of the depth and breadth of His love for us.


Leading People to love People Everywhere

Jesus told His followers to love God with all of their heart, mind and soul, and to love their neighbor as themselves. As we grow in our relationship and connection with God, we also intend to grow in our relationships with people, both in the church and outside of the church walls. Our ministries are designed to share Christ and our lives with others, helping them to connect with God and His church, and giving people opportunities to be involved in, and equipped for, the life and service He has in store for each one of us.


Joining Jesus on His Mission

We help people join Jesus in His mission by helping them understand they were created for God, live separately from God because of the fall of mankind, are restored to God through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus, and live in the confidence of joining Jesus and all believers in the new heaven and new earth. As believers, we share the complete gospel with others, and help them learn to live as reconciled and reclaimed people in relationship with God. We participate in that mission by helping people become growing followers of Jesus (in all areas of life including work, one’s vocation, and community in ways that all life is spiritual life), learning to love what God loves.


Programs and Activities Serve Our Purpose and Reflect our Vision

Our programs are all designed to help us accomplish the purpose of making disciples. Our programs each fill an important role in helping us accomplish our purpose of being an effective church, and leading people into healthy relationships with God and people.


Our worship services are designed to connect people with God. Our small groups and Sunday morning educational activities are designed to connect people with each other while deepening their connection with God. And in all ministries our objective is to involve people according to their gifts, passions, and talents as valued contributors to accomplishing and fulfilling our purpose. We are committed to leading people to follow Jesus by learning to love God, to love people everywhere (caring for the orphans, widows, immigrants, and the poor and etc.), and to join Jesus on His mission.

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