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FBC seeks to provide relational and emotional support to our missionaries and their families, as well as financial support.


The Missions Team maintains contact with our supported missionaries throughout the year by various means. We have missionaries located throughout the world with varying ministries and needs.


If you are interested in learning more about our supported missionaries and their ministries, please contact the Missions Team at

FBC Supported Missionaries

Organization: Wycliffe Bible Translators, seconded to SIL International


Mission field: Serving mission workers globally, focusing on Security Risk Management


Norm leads SIL’s Global Security Risk Management Services which looks at global risk to SIL staff and operations, serving as an advisor, consultant and trainer; He assists SIL Leaders in areas of Risk Assessment, Contingency Planning, Training, Resolving crisis and other critical events. Norm also volunteers with Crisis Consulting International, a provider of security and crisis management services to the faith-based sending, aid and humanitarian communities. In Child Safety, Norm leads SIL’s Child Safety Response Teams to provide a coordinated, timely, thorough and compassionate response to child abuse reports. Cathy supports Norm in these endeavors, hosts and entertains guests and is enjoying five grandsons.

Yuri and Olga Boldirev (Rebecca and David) -

Organization: Christian Resource Center


Mission field: Eastern Europe and Russia


The Boldirevs lead people to Christ and disciple them using biblical financial stewardship as their main ministry tool. Their primary target audience is young people and families. As they share life skills with them, they involve them in church life where they continue to grow in their faith and their relationship with Christ!

For All Mankind Movement (FAMM) - 

Mission field: India


FAMM exists to initiate, nurture, and facilitate disciple-making movements which result in biblical church planting among the unreached.

Refuge Cities Network -

"For a world where tears are wiped, people are empowered, and good potential is realized."


Refuge Cities Network is a non-profit organization in Jordan. Their mission is to love and help the refugees and the poor by providing relief, medical assistance, development and training.

FBC supports two missionaries living and working in Jordan.  Their work involves outreach to refugees from Iraq, Syria and Yemen where they bring, not only relief, but also long-term development to these families.  Medical aid is provided both through a mobile clinic and at the House of Ruth, which is a multipurpose community center that provides training and opportunities for several villages.

HiSPrint Ministries -

Mission field: the Balkans and Eastern Europe


HiS PRINT Ministries’ mission is "To ​love people where they are and till they ask why, by using our steps to Leave HiS Print wherever we go, with whomever we meet."  They strive to locally and globally share the love and saving grace of Jesus Christ ​through the open doors of relationships.  Their primary geographical focus is the Balkans and Eastern Europe, and their European base is located at HiS HOUSE in Sisak, Croatia. The ministry began in 2006 with baseball camps and English classes in Croatia, and has since expanded to include baseball, hockey and American football camps, international coaching clinics, and many community outreach ministries including business workshops, food pantry ministry, orphanage, and youth libraries. They are also heavily involved in shipping donated sports equipment around the world to those in need and request the help.

Larry and Jayme Hower

Ministry: Active Retirees with Avant Ministries


Larry and Jayme began their missionary journey in 1969 with Central American Mission.  They have served in Honduras, Mexico, Canada, Cuba, Dallas, and currently live in Birmingham, AL ministering to the Hispanic community. Some of their ministry involvement over the 50 years have been: missionary children’s school and dorm parents; building construction and maintenance, seminary Bible professor and Bible teachers, church planters, administration, director of CAM International of Canada, Assistant to the President in the Dallas, TX home office, evangelistic Bible studies and discipleship, leadership training, Christian Education, counseling and mentoring.  In July of 2019, Camino Global merged with Avant Ministries and Larry and Jayme began serving with Avant as active retirees. They continue ministries as God opens doors with Bible studies, counseling and mentoring.

Tim & Kirsten J. -

Organization: Avant Ministries

Mission Field: Spain/Online Media


California natives, Tim and Kirsten have been serving in Spain since 2006. They joined a team of others from around the globe to produce creative Christian media to spread the gospel into limited-access countries. They use social media, websites, chat groups and satellite television for both evangelism and discipleship, with the goal of connecting believers to the local church.

Diane Lawrence -

Organization: Pioneers


Mission Field: Asia


Diane serves with PIONEERS mission and previously lived in Hong Kong for 30 years.  Her role is member care, which has included hosting traveling teammates in her Hong Kong apartment and traveling throughout Asia to give encouragement to fellow workers and former students.  Currently she lives in Houston caregiving her 100-yr-old father.  She keeps in touch with some of the co-workers who are stateside and many TCKs (missionary kids) who are studying here in the US by writing notes and sending care packages.  

David and Debbie Peterson -

Organization: East West Ministries, International


Mission Field: Global


David and Debbie are the director and associate director of the Member Care department at East-West Ministries, International.  They provide proactive pastoral care, counseling and training to the overseas personnel ministering through East-West Ministries.  East-West focuses on the spiritually darkest places, with an emphasis on unengaged, unreached people groups.

Felipe and Lola Ramos -

Organization: The Totonac Bible Center


Mission Field: Totonac people in central Mexico


Felipe is the native Totonac Indian that co-translated the New Testament into his own language along with Manuel Arenas and Wycliffe translator Hermann Aschmann. As director of The Totonac Cultural Center in LaUnion he trained hundreds of young Totonac students in a 4-year seminary education and sent them back to become pastors and leaders in their own communities. He has had a long career of church planting and evangelizing with the Bible he translated. With great success of 10 years of 2 weekly radio broadcasts he now is overseeing the Aschmann Training Center recently built in Nanacatlan to train and equip the next generation of pastors and leaders that populate the Sierra Mountains of central Mexico.


Organization: CBS Lebanon


Mission Field: Lebanon, North Africa and the Middle East, USA, and beyond


CBS Lebanon encourages diverse expressions of the gospel of Jesus Christ in communities throughout the world. We promote the transformation of individuals and their network, to see communities transformed. Our projects include Education, Development, Training and Humanitarian Aid.  Some of our projects include Access International School in Lebanon, dairy farming, church planting, seminars and bible studies, and the distribution of food and/or essentials to the needy.

Paul & Jean Sywulka

Organization: Avant Ministries


Mission Field: Guatemala


Paul and Jean serve at the Central American Theological Seminary--known by its Spanish acronym, SETECA.  While we are located in Guatemala City, we have an international outreach with graduates in over 30 countries on all the continents.  We are helping to train over 1,000 Spanish-speaking students from 20 countries to effectively teach God's Word and contribute to the growth of His Church.  Paul teaches and mentors students.  Jean coordinates the hosting of visiting teachers and mission teams (at least she did until the pandemic hit!).  We both serve in the Development Department, helping to communicate with and minister to friends and donors of the Seminary, particularly in the U.S.


Organization: Resourcing Christian Education/Cru  (Bridges)


Mission Field: Ukraine /International Students in the U.S.


Jeannie has three distinct roles in her ministry work.  She recruits teachers for Kyiv Christian Academy in Kyiv, Ukraine.  She also coaches and trains students and volunteers in reaching out to international students in the U.S. so that every international student has a chance to know a Christian who truly follows Christ.  She also partners with Ukrainian Cru staff by leading English clubs as an outreach to university students, giving each student a chance to hear the gospel and be followed up by a Ukrainian staff member or volunteer.

Kent Wistrand.jpg
Kent Wistrand

Mission Field: Mexico/Mixtec people group


Kent has faithfully served the Mixtec people group around Oaxaca, Mexico for several decades.  He currently resides in Texas but makes trips down to Mexico as his health and the situation allows.  He is still actively involved with the people in that area, either by phone or in person.  His supporters enable him to send financial aid which is used for medical, ministry, and the everyday needs of the people.     

Alexey Kulemichev

Organization: Campus Crusade for Christ (CRU)

Mission field: Ukraine


Alexey’s ministry focuses on making disciples through active personal evangelism and inviting new people to Bible study groups and Sunday worship services.  He is a member of the Positive Show Team which works with local churches to put on large events with the aim of inviting non-Christians to the church environment.  He then follows up with interested people and pursues gospel conversations.  He does street evangelism using a variety of tools including interesting Christian paintings!

Additionally, FBC supports two other missionary families serving in sensitive locations.

Norm & Cathy Beasley -
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