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Person Rolling Suitcase in Airport

FBC seeks to both educate our church family about local and global missions and to provide support for those interested in participating in either a short-term mission trip or long-term ministry in the mission field.  A few ways we are seeking to accomplish these goals are:

  • Periodic congregational updates from supported missionaries

  • Church visits from supported missionaries

  • General adult and child education on local and global missions

  • Promote church involvement in local and global mission opportunities


Mission Trips

FBC is currently planning a trip to Amman, Jordan in the fall of 2021 to work alongside one of our missionary partners, Global Hope!   If you would like to know more, please contact the Missions team at

It is also our desire to facilitate growth through the exploration and discovery of gifts and passions such that all make a meaningful contribution to families, the church, and the community.

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