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Small Groups are designed to help you develop a deeper relationship with God and with other people in the group by doing life together. Groups always welcome newcomers, focus on what the Bible says about our real-life issues, and are designed to help you grow in your faith from wherever you are, to where Jesus Christ would have you to be.

Small Group Meeting

You may register for a small group by clicking below.


  • Click on the link

  • You will be asked for an email address and password

  • If you have used this site before to register for VBS or Giving Online, etc.; then enter in your address and password

  • If you are here for the first time, click the “Register” word in the top right of the page

  • Fill out the fields and follow the prompts

  • Once into the program, you can click on “Find a Group” in the top left of the page

  • Find the group you would like to join fill out the “Interested in the group?” page and hit send

  • The group leader will respond to your registration to finalize the process and answer questions.


Men's and women's small groups are also available through our Men's ministry and Women's ministry.


Small groups generally meet in people's homes on a weekday evening and childcare is often provided. Groups typically form in the early Fall and meet weekly through the school year. For information on groups forming, please contact us."

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