Good afternoon,

With the upswing in COVID-19 cases, testing, and hospitalizations in our community and area, I would like to ask your support in the following areas:

  1. If attending the in-person worship service, please maintain social distancing, sanitize hands frequently, feel encouraged to wear a mask and at the conclusion of the service exit the building and socialize outdoors.

  2. If you are feeling bad or have been exposed to COVID-19 or tested positive, please worship from home and join us online.

  3. If you test positive for COVID-19 and have been at the church, in the building or participated in a worship service, please let the church staff know as soon as possible. Your identity will be protected as we notify the church body of the possible exposure of those who attended the live service.

  4. Please fill out Connection Cards and let us know when you attend in person services. In the event of exposure, we will make every effort to notify those who are were present. We will not reveal personal identities without permission of the individual who was diagnosed.

  5. And lastly, please be responsible and extend courtesy and caution to those you are around. Give grace to those whose view of the dangers, masks and risks are different than yours and in the event you become sick or exposed, please let your circles of contact know.


The staff and I research, talk and pray carefully about leading our church family in response to the issues of our community and country, as well as the concerns about public health and keeping each other safe.  We need your prayers and appreciate your understanding and continuing to be a part of this church family even as we face trying times.


Hang in there with us as we all look forward to getting through all this mess together.


Privileged to be your pastor,



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