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Celebrating the Incarnation

The priority of worshipping Christ at Christmas can easily be overlooked in our economy and culture, especially for families seeking to raise children as followers of Jesus. To help in setting the right priorities, the staff of Fellowship Bible Church has gathered some resources for you.

Advent Calendars

These are especially good for younger children. Hang one in a prominent place and let them open a window at the dinner table or at bedtime each night.

(Click on image to order)

These examples are a few Christ-centered options available online, each for about $5 + shipping).

advent pic1.jpg
advent pic2.jpg
advent pic4.jpg
advent pic 3.jpg

Advent Readings

For older children and adults (younger and older), the Advent Conspiracy (CLICK HERE) has several resources for group and individual reading or study. The Conspiracy is centered around four themes:

Advent pic5.png

You do have to register but listed examples are free (click on examples below)

Advent Actions

The Advent Conspiracy ( also suggests specific local actions to give more. For example, consider taking one or two (or more) cards off of the Christmas Tree in the church lobby for gifts to provide for 40 families as part of our annual Pearland CHRISTmas Project. 

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