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Loving God, Loving People Everywhere, Joining Jesus on His Mission

If you are a part of the Fellowship family and have just opened this website, you may be wondering about some of the visual changes. The first thing you probably noticed is that the logo and name of the church look different. As Elders and Staff, we wanted a logo that said more about who we are as a church and what we are about. Our previous logo clearly represented our roof line and our building, and as such represented home. As always, I appreciate that and want to be sensitive to that feeling.

So let me explain the new logo. First, the graphic is a vine. In John 15 Jesus said that he was the vine and we are the branches, that the vine that abides in him will bear much fruit, and that the branches and vine's connection was vital to spiritual life. In our logo Fellowship is a branch of the vine, symbolizing our desire to be always connected to and dependent on Jesus.

The vine grows, bears fruit, and reproduces. These are the desires of our church heart.

There are three leaves on the vine to represent the three emphases or our church purposes statement. We want to make disciples by leading people to love God, to love people everywhere, and to join Jesus on His mission. Each leaf reminds us of one of those three points.

So, our logo shows our connection to Jesus, our desire to abide in Him while growing, bearing fruit and reproducing. And the leaves remind us of our purposes of loving God, loving people everywhere and joining Jesus on His mission. It is my hope that this simple explanation is memorable, and will help each of our church family have an easy way to share with others what our church is about.

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