Grace Steps ABF


The Grace Steps class is made up of parents of adult and young adult children, though some of us still have late-age teens. In other words, many of us have lived to regret ever saying, "I'll never let my kids do that!"


Grace Steps begins a new series on April 26 - "Daniel: God and the Secular Age". What role does faith have in a post-Christian society? To what extent should a person of faith participate in a culture that no longer views belief in God as plausible? Should secular people be concerned about the rise of religious fervor? Daniel, a devout Jew living an working as a top official in a pagan government administration sheds light on the role of faith in the world in which we live.


Further information about Grace Steps, as well as thoughts from the teacher and insight into the curriculum, may be seen at the Grace Steps Blog. You can also find us on Facebook by clicking here.


Robert Cissel serves as class leader and Don Lieindecker keeps the group up to date on how to best pray for one another.


Richard Price, is the ABF teacher and the author or the class blog. Each of our leadership team members extend to you an invitation to join us.