Frequently Asked Questions


Is your church "spirit-filled"?


Yes...and No. Fellowship Bible Church believes in the present power and ministry of the Holy Spirit (see Our Beliefs). However, in our public worship services, small groups, and ABFs we do not feature practices such as speaking in tongues, being "slain" in the Spirit, or holy laughter.


Can we have our wedding at your church?


Please stop by or contact the church to see if your preferred date is available and to get a copy of our wedding guidelines and policies. Weddings must be pre-approved and placed on the church calendar four months in advance.


Will one of your pastoral staff do my wedding?


Weddings are done at the discretion of the individual staff member and require pre-marital counseling and advance notice of 4 to 6 months. Schedule an appointment to discuss your wedding with one of our pastors.


How do I request a room or plan an event at Fellowship?


Call the church and speak with the office manager to check availability and conformity to Fellowship's building use guidelines. Click here to download an Event Planning Form and a room diagram. Fill it out, save it, and e-mail it to the Office Manager at the church office.


Where are you located?


Click here for a map and directions.


What denomination are you?


Fellowship Bible Church is a non-denominational church. We do participate in the activities of our local ministerial alliance and in many community events.


Do I have to be non-denominational to go to Fellowship?


Absolutely not!


Do I have to be a Christian to attend Fellowship activities?


No you don't. At Fellowship, we hope to be a welcoming place for anyone who would walk through the doors.


What can I expect when I visit? Do I have to dress up? Will I have to give money?


As stated earlier, people of all backgrounds worship at Fellowship. Wear what is comfortable for you. We don't take ourselves too seriously.


Our worship services range from 75-85 minutes.


We don't take up offerings during the service. We would actually ask that if you are a first-time guest that you DON'T give. Your presence with us is enough of a gift.